Monday, September 5, 2011

I can't wait

I can hardly wait any longer for 


and this

Autumn Wreath Yankee Candle

and this

and, praise Jesus, this

Autumn is the most rich season!  And by far my favorite.  It meshes well with my favorite holiday, Christmas.  I try and will the weather to start being cold and fall-like, but it won't abide by my wishes.  Although, I have a feeling that when the weather does cooperate with me, it will be absolutely gorgeous here in DC.  I can see the weather is getting blustery out, so I'm crossing my fingers that the changing season will come sooner rather than later!  Brace yourselves, you're going to get an overload of pictures coming soon. 

Last night,  I was able to go to Frontline Bible Church in VA with my friend Stephanie, who is also my sister's old roommate.  She recently moved to DC from Seattle and lives with her sister and brother in law.  She graciously picked me up and we went to church together.  The church reminded me very much of Solid Rock in Beaverton.  I am so thankful I was able to go and am going to try to continue going there.  

Week one of classes is finished and I am feeling like I am going to run out of time to learn everything I want to about sign language!  Then I keep reminding myself, I've only been here using sign language for one week.  I'll be fine.  

In exactly 2.5 weeks, I get to go home to see these two people become one. 

(Thanks for letting me steal this photos, trev. They were my favorite!)  

I can't wait!  God has been blessing their 2 month long engagement/wedding plans.  That's right, they got engaged less than 2 months ago and are getting married in two and a half weeks.  If anyone could pull a perfect wedding together in that amount of time without getting completely stressed, it would be them.  Every little detail that has anything to do with the wedding and preparations has been falling into place perfectly.  There is obviously a higher being behind the scenes making everything work together.  I'm so excited to see them get married!

Plus, I get to see this guy. 

So many great things are coming so soon!
Thank you, Lord!

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  1. Now, let's not rush this autumn thing. We JUST got some summer weather here. You absolutely must refrain from lighting cinnamony candles when you come back in 2.5 weeks. Promise?