Thursday, September 1, 2011

there's been a new invention

There's been a new invention that I was unaware of until this week. 
Denim underwear.
Maybe it's just an east coast thing, or even just a Gallaudet thing, but almost every pair of 'shorts' I've seen on some girls here are borderline underpants.  
Do you not feel the wind brushing your bottom cheeks, ladies?
I love ya and I know it's hot outside, but seriously!

I had my first life guard training lesson today, and let me tell ya, that class is gonna be a work out like I've never had before!  And my eyes are begging me to put some goggles on before getting in that water again.  We had to swim 20 laps and try to do it under 12 minutes (that's the goal for the end of the class).  Most of us made it, on average, in about 13 minutes.  We also had to side swim 2 lengths of the pool with a 10 lb. brick on top of our hip (therefore giving you only one hand to swim with), then swim on our back with the brick on our stomach, dive 12 feet to retrieve the 10 lb. brick, and then my favorite, swim 1 length of the pool on our back and only kicking our legs while holding our partner under the armpits.  And then awkward and funny.  I laughed the entire time I was carried.  I'm laughing right now thinking about it!  
There are three girls in the class and seven boys.  The odds weren't good that I would get a girl as my partner.  And to my utter luck, my partner pretty much picked me and he's twice my size.  I'm going to be very sore tomorrow.  And I made a mental note to shave my armpits for the next class.

Stupid moment of the week (I forgot to mention it on the sushi post):
I'll give you the scenario.
It was sushi night on Monday and we were at the restaurant.  I was the only hearing person who wasn't fluent in sign.  Someone asked me what kind of music I listen to, and I said country, and mostly everyone, including Caleb, was part of the conversation.  Caleb's from Knoxville, Tennessee so naturally I ask enthusiastically, "Oh yea!  Do you like country music?!"  
He's completely deaf.

Talk about a bright red face and sweat attack from embarrassment.

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