Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Laughter is seriously the best cure to anything.
I swear, in every post, I keep saying there's nothing better than "---------",
 but seriously, nothing is better than one of those deep gut laughs that makes you feel like you just made a 6-pack of abs. 

I think one of the best things about being here at Gallaudet is that so many deaf people can't hear themselves laugh so they are holding nothing back when they think something is really funny.  
I hear all kinds of different laughs here.  I was sitting in the cafeteria eating with some friends the other day and this girl kept doing this high pitched laugh that sounded like a hyena, but it wasn't obnoxious like you're imagining.  I would laugh every time she laughed.  It makes me laugh just thinking about it right now. 
You know those friends that have those laughs that are so funny it's contagious, but once you recognize their laugh and mention it as being one of those laughs, they kinda stop?  Well, people don't do that here.  They just keep on laughing.  
I love it so much!
My favorite one so far has been from this girl in my ceramics class.  She has a slow and lower pitched "he he he he" laugh.  I crack up laughing and can't stop smiling whenever she laughs.  She could actually type "he he he" when she's laughing during a written conversation cause that's exactly what it sounds like.  I'm going to try recording it sometime so I can show you all just how funny it is. 

Today I had the best dinner.  I went to Union Station with my friend, Kait.  We both got one of these yummy things
 You can be rest assured that I'm sipping on a Soy Pumpkin Spice Latte.  I think it's a sin to get anything besides a holiday drink once they come out at Starbucks.

And while Kait was getting her salad at Chop't (so cool), I was waiting for my beloved French Onion Soup from this place.  

It is my favorite restaurant I've been to so far.  Mostly because they have the most amazing gluten-free menu (and the best french onion soup).  And they offer gluten-free beer.  Where else does that?

Also, I present to you, ladies and gentlemen:

fallen leaves!

It's happening!  Fall is in the air!


  1. Love the post on laughter! Laughter does good like medicine.....ABC Bible Kids.

  2. Mack, I too loved your laughter message. It is the most wonderful gift from God. Also, dear one, you must write a book one day---SOON, you are gifted. I want to buy you first issue.

    Love you, Gramma Smiff