Friday, September 2, 2011

God is good

Yes, I realize I published my last post only 4 hours ago.

After watching my favorite homey movie, You've Got Mail, my back was feeling a little tight, like I had been sitting too long.  It was only 7 30 and I was itching to move around so I decided to walk around the track, which is conveniently right outside my dorm, and listen to some good old worship music (my increasingly painful, and extremely irritating, shin splints have been keeping me from running each day). 

I think my desire to move around and get my blood flowing was God poking me.  Kind of like he was saying, "Please spend some time with me.  I miss you and want your attention."  As I was walking, the song Grace by Phil Wickham came on.  I was looking at my feet and the 2 foot space of tartan track ahead of me and that 2 foot space seemed to keep lighting up a little bit right when my foot hit the ground.  Maybe it was just my eyes playing with me, but the song lyrics came on that said, 

"I need eyes to be my guide.  
I need a voice that's louder than mine. 
I need hope, I need you, cause I can't do this alone"

 and it totally seemed like the Lord was saying, "Why are you worrying about where you're at?  I've already gone ahead of you and have your path laid out.  There's a purpose for everything you're feeling and why you're here."  

 After that, I was feeling like a million bucks.  

Other people were posted here or there around the track, but I started to sing out loud, cause hey, no one could hear me, right?  Wrong.  I thought pretty much anyone around me was most likely deaf, but I didn't think about the other hearing students like me who might be wanting some exercise, too.  Once I registered that, I looked around and saw that the people who were by the track weren't signing with each other, but were talking.  They had to have heard me sing along with Phil, but without the Phil part.  
I don't really have much pride left.  

But who cares, it gave me an awesome freedom. and you can never go wrong with Phil Wickham.  

These are the stands the students occupy during athletic games.  Kind of reminds me of high school games.

 Gorgeous night.

 These are three of the dorms.  From left to right, Benson (my hall), Clerc, and Carlin.

These are the three dorms again.  It's fun watching them at night time because the rooms flash when someone rings one of the rooms 'bells.'   

 While I was walking, numerous first response vehicles drove by right where those street lights are.  Busy, crazy city. 

Poor little bugger wasn't in the right place.  

Sorry for the double post tonight.  I had to document my sweet time with Jesus tonight so I could look back on it later down the road.

Now onto the next fave movie, Runaway Bride.  


  1. Ok. So maybe you were right about the quality of the iPhone camera. Pretty clear photos. I love you piles and piles!!!

  2. I so glad to see how happy an evening you had! I wish I had done something like that during my study abroad. It's hard in busy cities and clearly you were able to take some time. Never forget about precious time. Love ya girl!