Friday, September 2, 2011


I totally repped Oregon today with my attire.  

 Excuse my blob of manufactured glue from the TOMS factory.

I really miss everything about Oregon right now.  Friends, boyfriend, my family, clean fresh air, boyfriend, monmouth and portland, familiar land, boyfriend, Jesus lovin' community.  Did I mention boyfriend?  You could say I'm a little boyfriend home sick.

It's interesting being the minority at this school.  I never realized it, but I've never really been on the 'outside' before.  And I didn't realize how easy it had been for me to make friends growing up and going to college at Western Oregon where I didn't know anyone going into it.  Here at Gallaudet, it's not as easy as I had assumed it would be.  Boyfriend made it clear to me that by me feeling like this, I will naturally learn to appreciate home, friends, and family more fully and that I might have a better radar for other people feeling the way I do now and can befriend them.
I love it when he's right.  

Tomorrow is the first football game at Gallaudet.  I'll be sure to take some pictures and write about it soon!

I love you people.

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