Monday, September 12, 2011

package and run

You know what's just as great as getting a letter in the mail?  
Getting a package in the mail!
I got one today from my parents.  It felt so good going to the post office and leaving with a giant package in my arms!

I think the camera and the sun worked together to make this picture really happy because I was really happy.  

All gluten-free friendly! And lactaids so I can be more dairy friendly! 

AMAZING gluten-free fruit and nut bars.  

I decided I have had enough of this no-running-because-of-my-lame-shin-splints thing.  When I try to follow that 'thing', I end up not exercising at all... it's like I'm incapable of doing any other form of activity that is also exercise.  And I've realized I can't live a life with no exercise.  So I ran today ahh! and am praying with everything in me that my shin splits will subside until I can get further treatment to get rid of them forever
It felt so good.

It was a great day to run anyway.  Look at that blue sky!

And then I decided to take a picture of some of my favorite jewelry while I was stretching.  Dadda and Momma have great taste in jewelry-getting for me.

I noticed today that nothing feels more awkward than taking pictures of yourself.  
As you can see, my day was filled with just that.

Happy Monday friends!

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