Tuesday, November 29, 2011

cuddle bugger

Rain on the window is a beautiful sound.

The weather over here is nuts.
Yesterday, it was close to 70 degrees and sunny.  I saw a girl in short shorts and a tshirt... and it's almost December.  And today it's pouring down rain.  We've got bipolar all up in this joint.

I'm cuddled in my room watching my favorite christmas movie, The Santa Clause, with my twinkle lights on, baby blankey over my legs and fudge at my fingertips.  Problem is, I gotta leave for class in 10 minutes... boo.

Like my room tv stand room set up?  So cute.

Happy Tuesday, people!

Monday, November 28, 2011

only 18.5 days

Boyfriend informed me today that there are 2.6 weeks or 18.5 days, whichever way you look at it, until I come home.
18.5 days until I'm with my family in my beloved home, in OREGON (there's enough to celebrate with just that) that I miss oh so much!

My parents sent me a package and it arrived today.
I've mentioned this before, but packages and mail are the most wonderful and uplifting things!  And they're so simple.  
(If you're contemplating sending a letter or care package to someone, I deeply encourage you to do it.  I betcha it would make their week that much better.)

A box of tissues, 'Kitchen Spice' Yankee Candle wall plug, a Starbucks gift card, and 2 containers FULL of my mom's homemade fudge- my absolute favorite.

I needed the box of tissues as I continued to open my package.
Kind of a silly thing to get all blubbery about- but I admit, I did.

I'm going to a hockey game tomorrow with Sam, Ryan and Stephanie (I hope you're keeping up on who my buds are over here because I mention them quite frequently).  And you can bet that I'm keeping up on my countdown to the 25 days of Christmas countdown on abc family.  Only 3 more days until the real countdown starts!  Most of them are seriously such cheesy movies, but it's all about the cheese with Christmas flicks, right?  
What would Christmas be without it?

As of now, I'm debating showering because... I stink. Or going to bed without showering because I'm just too tired.
Quite the debate, I know.

I love you all!
Merry Christmas and goodnight.

Sunday, November 27, 2011


I made an awesome discovery today.  
I downloaded the iHeartRadio app on my phone after hearing it advertised on a radio station in my friends car and it plays actual radio stations with commercials, talk shows and everything.  
Normally, I try to avoid the commercials and talk shows, but since it's Christmas time, some stations are playing 24/7 Christmas songs.  I was super bummed when I realized I would be missing out on that until I got back home because I don't have a radio in my dorm, but I don't have to miss out anymore!  And even better, it's the same radio show as the one at home- 
John Tesh anyone?!
This is a huge deal for me.

That's what I'm doing now- listening to my 24/7 Christmas station while I write this post.  I'm also practicing my procrastination skills by putting off 2 study guides that I need to finish for some tests I have later this week... I'm pretty much an expert procrastinator at this point.

The past 2 weeks have been nothing short of a whirlwind.  The evidence is the absence of blog posts.  I took over 500 pictures... picking which pictures to post on here is a tad stressful. 
Silly, I know.

And again, brace yourselves- this might be the longest post yet (all due to the few photos I posted... ).

First, sister arrived and we did lots of homework, work, and touring!

she came to class with me and worked from her computer.

I'm in love with this place.  They've got the best gluten free cupcakes.

Woody's arrival overlapped kelby's stay by 3 days.

Friday night, Stephen, Kelby, Stephanie, Woody and I went to a bar on top of the Washington Hotel that looked over Washington DC.  Super ritzy- kind of outside of my comfort zone, as well as Woody's, but such a cool experience.

Dinner before The W.

View from The W.


The next day, we went touring around Washington DC with the City Bike Share bikes.

The difference between my premature Christmas celebrating and Kelby's lack of it.

In Georgetown.

We tried to do everything in a week- things like touring the monuments during the day and evening, Georgetown, Chinatown, and then randoms in between.  

The day Kelby left to go back home, Woody and I got on a bus and went to New York for the day.  Yep, just for the day.  We got on the Bolt bus at 7 am at Union Station and arrived in New York at Penn Station at 11 30.  We walked about 7-9 miles, close to non-stop, all day.  We took the same bus that night at 10 pm and arrived at Union Station in Washington DC at 2 am.  We had to walk back to Gallaudet in the rain.  
We were in the best moods ever, too... ehem.

He was embarrassed that I was taking pictures of us in line. 

So, of course, I take more.
I've got about 10 more of these.

That's the Statue of Liberty in the distance.

New Jersey

Twin Towers Monument being built.

All of Wall Street was closed off with Police barriers because of the 'Occupy Wall Street' protest.

Time Square!

I was in heaven with all the Christmas decorations being put up all over Manhattan.

Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center

I always wanted to come here as a little girl.  And I finally got to go! Poor boyfriend, I made him come with me.

Woody and I went to the Arlington Cemetery one night and it was gorgeous!

The picture doesn't do it justice, but in real life, the yellow leaves on the ground were reflecting on the bottom of the tree branches like the leaves were lights.

Changing of the Guards.

Then we went to Georgetown afterwards for dinner at Serendipity.

Iced Hot Chocolates. mmmm.

The next day, we went to Old Town Alexandria before heading to the Cave/Turner household for the Thanksgiving feasting.  All we could say about Alexandria was that we wished we had discovered it earlier that week.  It was the most perfect and quaint place.  We both fell head over heels for it.

Then we moseyed over to the Cave's and spent Thanksgiving day together.  I'm so thankful that the Cave's have opened their house to me so many times, especially during the holidays. 

happy thanksgiving!

My mister left the next day, unfortunately.  We made sure to leave early enough to spend the morning in Old Town Alexandria.  Thank goodness it was only 2 metro stops from the airport.

his very appetizing turkey wad.

That night, I went to the Cave's again to help decorate their house for Christmas.

It was a night full of holiday candles, Thanksgiving leftovers, Christmas music, and Christmas movies.  It was wonderful.

My family also decorated for Christmas and sent me pictures.

They got the Christmas tree today, too.  
They made sure to put my ornaments up.
I love my family so much.

cute right?

This picture is so cozy. I canNOT wait to curl up next to the tree and fire in just a few weeks.

Now, I am praying for strength and motivation for the final stretch of the semester.  And boy let me tell ya, I like quarters much better than semesters.  
Semesters just seem to keep. on. going.  I'm ready for quarters again.
I get ants in my pants when I think about being home in 3 weeks.  I'm also praying that I'll be able to keep my emotions from spilling over because of how bad I want to be with my family.
Again I say it, I am very thankful for my time here, but I really can hardly wait until I am home again.

I love this time of year!
I hope you're all full of joy and merriment... whatever that actually means.
Embrace Christmas, my friends.