Sunday, September 18, 2011

fall post

Can I just say that I love being able to sing out loud knowing the majority of people around me can't hear me?  Sorry to you select few people who can.

Some of you may know that we lost the most amazing doggy in the whole world not too long ago.
Holly hated the camera so much.  It was so comical. 

I don't think our family could handle not having a little pup around.  So here's the newest member to our family.

I made it clear that I thought her name should be Ivy, but the verdict is still not out yet.  I can't wait to go home on Thursday to meet her!

The past 2 days, I had dancing fever and last night I finally got to dance.  I taught Caleb how to do the Horseshoe!  And he is a very quick learner!  Here's the video. 

He learned well enough to be able to do it with Rachel who had never done it before either.  I'm so proud of them!
I am determined to get some of his roommates to learn some of them, too.  It's not looking promising at this point.

My flight takes off before the sun rises on Thursday morning, so I'm going to be on major focus mode from tomorrow morning until I leave on Wednesday night (to stay at a friends house closer to the airport) in order to get assignments finished that are due when I'm gone.  
Yes, people, I can be studious. 

Side note:
I tried this.
It's a Soy Salted Caramel Mocha.  I recommend it.  It was so good.

And here are a few pictures I took on my last phone and I wanted to post them because I never got to/I love them/can't wait to see them in real life again. 

I'll always love these beautiful fields surrounding Monmouth. 


I don't know if I can wait for this.  I might have to break dorm rules and get this candle soon... 

Monmouth can be pretty wonderful 


YAY for Fall!

Happy Sunday evening friends!

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