Wednesday, September 21, 2011

hat day

So yesterday I had a hat day.  
Hat days, I've learned are used for pretty much only two reasons.  Either your feeling bored with your hair that day so you throw on a hat, or when you fell asleep that night, your hair and your pillow got in a fight.
You can't judge me- you know those mornings, the ones where you slept funny on your hair so it left an awkward bald spot where it decided to part, but you didn't have time to take a shower or get it wet, so you try absolutely everything to make it look semi okay, but nothing works, so you throw on a hat.  Or in other words, the mornings when you find out the pillow won the hair-pillow fight.
I didn't get a chance to get a picture of me in my hat, but it was like any regular hat day.
Just like these:

Apparently it is weird that I have hat days.  I think every person I saw on campus that I knew asked if it was my hat and when I proudly said, "Yes, it is," they proceeded to ask why I was wearing it, as if girls aren't socially accepted if they're wearing hats like I had on.  That being said, when things like that happen, my mind switches to rebel mode and all I want to do is wear my hat everyday.  
That bit of my personality may or may not be a good thing. 

Two nights ago, Monday night, I went to Frontline Bible Church, but went to a different campus.  I fell even more in love with the church.  It reminded me so so much of the church I go to in Corvallis when I'm living in Monmouth called Doxology.  It was in a small theater, just like Doxology, and had a very intimate setting.  
It could have also been the message that made me fall so in love with it.  The message was about 3 different characteristics of God's grace: Patience, Discipline, and Forgiveness.  The man who gave the message read out of 2 Chronicles (33:1-20) and told the story of King Manassah.  If you haven't read that story yet or if God's grace over your own life is a hard concept for you to grasp, try reading that story.  God's grace is so thick in that story, it's amazing, and to know He pours that same grace over me is beyond something I'll ever be able to understand.  
What I love the most about that story is that King Manassah is in the lineage of our perfect Jesus.  When you read the story, you'll see just how remarkable that is.  

I really used my human-card on God this week.  Even though I heard that amazing message, I still slipped back into getting concerned about silly things I need to do and fretting over whether or not things are going to work out the way I want them to.  As I was running today (and no my shin-splints won't stay away so I only try to run about twice a week, if that.), the song "Come Away/Let Me In" by Jesus Culture came on and the words pierced me.  
They went like this:

It's never too late, it's not too late
It's not too late for you.
I have a plan for you
I have a plan for you.
It's gonna be wild,
It's gonna be great,
It's gonna be full of me. 
Open up your heart and let me in.

When I get so wrapped up in my thoughts and worries, I come to a place where I can't handle my thoughts anymore and at that point, I just let it all go and recognize that really, my true desires are to live within the plan God has for me, no matter what may come, and my only thing I ask is that God will be in every crevice of every part of my life.  The words were such a freeing statement and the song was perfect for that exact moment. 

Again I say, Go God. 


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  1. Kenzie! I just read though all your post haha!! And I loved each one! I love your writing and your stories make me smile :) I love getting letters in the mail too so if you want to be pen pals let me know! LOVE YOU!