Saturday, September 10, 2011

snail mail

There is nothing like getting a letter in the mail from a person who is very dear to your heart.  Old-fashioned is the greatest.

Mrs. Carly Smith sent me a letter and I got it in the mail yesterday.  Carly is one of my closer friends who has been by my side during some of the most difficult challenges.  She never fails to make me feel loved every time I see her.  By the time I was done reading her letter, I was practically tearing up.  It was one of the most encouraging letters I've ever gotten before.  I feel so blessed to have her as my friend.  
Thank you Car!
 Be looking for a letter in your mailbox soon!

We had family dinner the other night, Rachel, Caleb and I.  We cooked Italian sausage with onions, tomatoes, and peas then mixed it with sauce and noodles (dairy free sauce and gluten free noodles for myself!).

 Of course, Caleb eating before the food's ready.

 Ms. Rachel, the chef!

We've got fine dining going on over here.  You should be jealous.

 Serious business when Caleb eats. 

 My overcooked-noodle mush.  Note to self: Don't leave gluten-free noodles boiling for too long.  They fall apart and look like rice.  

We made the most of our containers.  The old sauce jar became my left over jar.   

The happy couple!

The boys had a football game yesterday.  It was so nice because it was an evening game so it was cool out instead of hot and humid, like last weeks game.  So miserable.  They ended up not winning the game, but were ahead the whole game until the very end!  Huge bummer, but still a good game to watch. 

 The three cheerleaders in the middle of the field are signing the National Anthem.

 Caleb's number one fans! (Those are his parents.  They have southern accents-cutest thing in the world-and are the sweetest people you'll ever meet!  We're going to get pizza today with them to watch the UT game.  They are devoted fans.  But you all know, I'd rather watch the beavs.  I've got my OSU gear on today.)

Here's a story for ya.
After the game, we were waiting for Caleb to get out of the locker room.  I decided to sit on the ground and Rachel was standing beside me.  I felt something like a twig fall on my head and I thought that Rachel maybe touched my head with her hand or something fell out of her purse. It kept moving though.  And Rachel wasn't touching me.  I asked her as calmly as I could, "Rachel, is there something in my hair?"  Her response was the last thing I wanted to hear.  "Oh. My. Gosh.  You have a huge beetle in your hair."  She was attempting to flick it off as I was trying my hardest to not make a screaming scene, as there were numerous people standing around waiting for their players get out of the locker room, too.  My next natural instinct to screaming in situations like that is grab the closest thing to me and squeeze as hard as I can.  Well, the closest thing my hands found were Rachel's hands, which kept her from flicking the bug.  She finally got it off me and when I saw it, it was about the length of a tube of chapstick.  It wasn't a beetle, it was a cockroach.  Rachel made sure it was dead.
I'm getting all itchy thinking about it. 

And last, but absolutely not the least: I've heard a rumor, that will be really nasty if it's not true, that Pumpkin Spice Lattes are now at Starbucks.  Hallelujah! And can I get an amen?

happy saturday, people!

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