Wednesday, September 7, 2011

another day

The weather actually has been cooperating with me.  People who find out I'm from Oregon say I brought the rain with me when I came to DC.  

 This picture is what I see outside my window.  That is the football field to the left.

Rain! I've missed you!
(It is difficult to take lots of pictures when it's raining because when it rains here, it's like that really wet torrential downpour type.  You Oregonians know the different kinds of rain there is so you can understand what I'm talking about.)

I went to sushi again the other night.  I don't know if I'll go again for a little while.  I felt a little queasy afterwards.  It's something about knowing that I'm eating things that grow in water and are raw... or something.  The place we went had monday night deals (that start at 10 30) where you order from a certain list of sushi items and you get half off!  If I loved sushi, I might eat there every time I wanted to go out.  So much food for so little!  Here's some pictures of our meal.

 This is what I had.   A Philly Roll... I think that's what it's called. 

I tried one of these.  That's seaweed wrapped around them... that's about what put me over.  When I think of seaweed, I think of green goo wrapping around my feet when I'm in dark water.  Really terrifying.  It's not something I ever thought of putting in my mouth. 

More Philly Rolly 

I didn't know what this was, but those red things are eggs.  When I heard that, I realized I was done with sushi for the night.  

My Philly again. 

These are the friends I went with.  I try to sneak pictures of them, but I always get caught and they make fun of me.  They gotta get used to it.  I'm a picture takin' fool!

Kait and Colin 

Caleb, Rach and Kait

I've become Caleb and Rachel's 'child' because they take care of me.  All of the friends I've made actually help me out a ton with my sign language learning and are very patient with me.  And they include me in conversation instead of ignoring the close to incompetent student!  It's great! 

Yesterday I got to spend the day hanging with Rach cause my afternoon class got cancelled.  Woohoo!  We went on a walk around the block (or 20), made dinner with her roommate Adelada, and attempted to patch up the hole in her air bed.  I felt like such a college student. 

 Baked potatoes with cheese, butter, green onions (my new favorite) and garlic powder. 

It was so good!  

Today was a day of dark clouds, rain and thunder and lightening.  Perfect for a day of no classes.  The mens soccer team has a game tonight here at Gallaudet.  
It's great that no matter how much it rains, soccer will never get cancelled!

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