Wednesday, September 7, 2011

it got cancelled.

I never thought soccer would get cancelled because of rain... come on!  So you get a little wet.  Buck up people!

Because it got cancelled, I had to write another post.  and cause I got all my homework done!

The pictures I posted of the rain on my last post made it look like it was cold and miserable outside, right?  Like all you wanted to do was go get some soup and steaming cup of hot chocolate?  It's so deceiving!  I bundled up, and might I add that bundling up here during this time of the year means a sweatshirt and a rain jacket, and I walked outside and started sweating!  It's so disappointing!  And frustrating having just showered and getting all sweaty and sticky again.  
I will say that watching outdoor sports in that kind of weather might be better than getting wet and freezing my hiney off like we do in Oregon.  Oregon, I still love you very much despite your overly frigid days.

I've recently gotten a Pinterest.  For those of you that see pictures on the internet and save them to your desktop just because you like the picture and think you're going to go back and use it someday, but you never really do, but you can't possibly get rid of it because you love it so much, Pinterest is perfect for you.  It's a place where you can add those pictures and others that you find to your different "boards."  And the boards are categorized so it's not a complete mess and waste of space on your hard drive.  I don't know how I didn't know about it before this year.  I found this picture on maggie saunders pinterest and it is so creative.  I'm definitely going to try it.  
They're pictures printed on dictionary pages.  So genius!  And so easy.  They would look awesome in picture frames. 

I also found this on molly kidd's blog, Urban Nester, and I absolutely love it.  I love candles and wood, so, to me, it's perfect. 

I asked boyfriend if he would help me make it when I get back home and he said of course.  And he said it would be easy!  Plus, it will be homemade.  We all know home made is a million and six times better than store bought, right?

I'm so excited to start all these projects I'm finding once I get back home! And hopefully in the meantime, people over here might learn a thing or two about outdoor sports in the Fall.  You play rain or shine.  period. 

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  1. Aww you are so adorable. I love reading your posts because they make me love Oregon so much more. You also do a good job of not making New York awful. Not that I thought it was but definitely not something fun. I mean I totally want to travel but with all the hustle and bustle sounds like a lot. I also love that you talk about Woody because it makes me really happy! Love you Max!!