Thursday, October 20, 2011

hat and flannel

That's what today was.  A hat and flannel kinda day.
And you know I loved every second of it.
Here's a video of me from today just doin my thang (awkwardly by myself again-I apologize).

It was a this

and this

 and this

 and this

and this kinda day.
I'm mostly getting at the fact that they're wearing sweaters, 
but it is too bad boyfriend wasn't here today. 
It was a cuddle kinda day, too.

Last night was super great.  You just wait a second and I'll tell you about it.
I was skyping with Jess, admiring her perfect beach hair that she recently found out how to do by pretty much simply stepping out of the shower (that lucky stinker), and making fun of the fact that I hang out with her on skype almost more that I hang out with my friends here at Gallaudet (kind of a serious joke...), when I said, "Man, I wish I could come to bible study with you guys!"  Then she said, "Why don't we skype at bible study?"  We started laughing at the joke, then we got all serious and finally she said, "Wait... why not?"
So that's just what we did!
She set up skype in the back at bible study and I got to listen in on the message and worship with my family of followers at home. 
The message was about how Paul compares our walk with Jesus to a race.  It was perfect for me to hear with where I'm at.  One of the first things Scott said was, "Times of discouragement and weariness are guaranteed to happen in my walk with Jesus."
If that wasn't enough to get my attention, nothing else would have in that message.
He made many comparisons between our walks with Jesus and a race and backed it all up with scripture.  One of the other things that really stuck out was that it's not biblical to have warm fuzzy feelings all the time.  What a comfort for my heart to hear that.  
So it doesn't mean that I'm doing everything wrong because I don't feel like a million bucks every minute of every day? 
Huh. What a concept.  
He said a lot more and I want to tell you more of what struck my heart last night in another post. 

As of now, I am about to get on the Gally bus, ride to the metro, and then get on the metro to meet my moms and pops at the airport.  
I'm SO excited!!!!

Happy Thursday, people.  
I love you all so much and thank you for your encouragement, support and prayers.  
It means the world to me. 

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  1. It was so exciting to see you for a second Max and just hearing you in the back was awesome. I miss you lots and lots. I saw Woody last night at line dancing, which I'm sorry you probably miss it lots, but it was sad to see you not with him. :[ Not that I didn't see him at bible study too but I don't think we said hi. Anyways, I'll be counting the days until your arrival. Love you dear!