Saturday, October 29, 2011

the greats and not so greats

Looks amazing, does it not?

So, I said I wasn't going to turn the Christmas music on until November 1st.
last night I "accidentally" pushed play on a Christmas tune...
and now I can't stop listening to it.
I will say I'm a little disappointed with myself,
but let's be real here-
I. have. NO. self. control. with. Christmas.

Wait, who am I kidding? 
I knew I wasn't going to be able to stop once I started.

It doesn't really help that when I woke up this morning at 9, it looked like it was still the wee hours of the morning because it was so dark out.  
And it doesn't help that the DC weather forecast says 39 degrees and snow for today.
And it doesn't help that I've already bought eggnog.

So you go, Leon Redbone and Zooey Deschanel.  
You sing your little hearts out to "Baby, It's Cold Outside."

(I really want to shout out with the joy that I feel inside because of this glorious Christmas music.)

I busted out my beloved mint green winter jacket.

The not so greats
- This splitting headache I've had for two days that humorously makes me relate to Harry Potter when Voldemort releases his furry and Harry feels it through his scar.
- The internal battle I'm struggling with about going on a run right now.
- Going to watch a friends flag football game, expecting lots of people to be there, but being the only one there... let alone, the only girl (here's a video of the awkwardness at it's full).
- The pile of laundry I have to do today.
- The awkward commercials on Pandora...
- My lack of self-control in celebrating once Christmas even slightly pokes it's head up.

And the greats
- My lack of self-control in celebrating once Christmas even slightly pokes it's head up.
- The letters I got from my beloved friends this week.
- The fact that my sister is coming in T-minus 13 days!  and then boyfriend following very shortly after.
- That I'm going to my friend Stephanie's house later today for a night of pumpkin carving, hopefully baking pumpkin seeds, and a sleepover! (look for pictures in the next post) And then church the next day.  Woot!
- Did I mention this Christmas music?
- God's faithfulness and patience.  Need I really say more? 
(But, I will elaborate in later post).

Happy weekend, friends.
I hope your Halloween is full of lots of sweets and hot chocolate and cider!
Mine will be!

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  1. Mack, just sing your heart out, God loves to hear your sweet,sweet say--Go God, I say Go Mack!!!!Love yah honey,bug...

    G. Smiff