Saturday, October 8, 2011

dandelion phenomenon

I just found out today that this

 is the same thing as this...

just a little more dead.

I guess that's a known fact to the world, but I was unaware of it. 
I couldn't, and actually still cant, believe it.
They are the same flower- but so completely different.
It's amazing.
I like the ones that are more dead much better.
You get to have a wish with those ones.

When you were younger, did you ever do the "test" on your friends to see if they liked peanut butter by rubbing the younger dandelion on the back of their hand?  If your hand had yellow marks on it after, then apparently you liked peanut butter.  And if it had lots of yellow on it, then you really really liked peanut butter. 
Mine always had yellow on it. 

Today, Gallaudet had a football game.  It was clear skies here today so we all got a little bit of sun on our shoulders.  But it wasn't humid so it was great!  And Gallaudet won, 35-0!  
Go Bisons!
Ray and Jeanie Hinton (Caleb's parents) took Caleb, Rachel and I out to eat after the game.  Of course, we made it back in time to watch the University of Tennessee game for Caleb's sake. 
That is currently what Rachel and I are doing, "watching the UT game" with Caleb- aka blogging, watching videos on youtube, pinteresting (yes, I just made the act of looking onPinterest into a verb), etc.
We might be disappointing him with our lack of enthusiasm...

And apparently, Sperry's are on sale at Urban Outfitters here in DC for $10-$20.
Caleb's roommate, Rami, just came back with the proof.
I've been wanting a pair pretty bad lately, so we might go perusing over there tomorrow.
I'll letcha know my finds!

I love you, dear friends.
and happy saturday!

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  1. There is one bad thing about the young dandelions, they smell terrible as you may have found out as a child.
    When I was younger my friend told me that if you put the 'sap' from the stem onto cuts, they healed faster. I'm not sure if that was ever true but it did make a gross brown sticky spot on my hand. Yuck.
    Miss you girl. :]