Thursday, October 6, 2011

lots of catch up

I'm totally putting all my Christmas music onto my iphone at the moment. 
You can relax people.
 I'm not actually listening to it yet.  I'm going to try my hardest to wait until November 1.
But I am preparing
for the 
{I'll be the first to admit that I am one of those people that celebrates prematurely.}

So much has happened since I've had a legitimate post that I don't even know where to start!
I'll do my best to share all I have done.

This week and last week I think have been the two best weeks I've had since I've been in DC.  
(Blogging might be one of those things that I'm really faithful with when I'm feeling somewhat lousy, kinda like running. But I hope it isn't!  I really like the thought of being a regular blogger no matter what mood I'm in!)

Last Saturday, Rach and I walked to the Eastern Market on Capitol Hill.  We arrived at the market to find we were a little late.  All the vendors were packing up.  It reminded me of the Saturday Market in Portland, except this one is everyday, I think.  It was actually nippy outside that day (notice the bundling- it was needed).  
I loved it! 

To start off the documenting, here's a video.
(I'm going to start uploading some of the videos I take on youtube and give you the link so you can all see them.  But it's especially for you momma!)

Of course, we got our Starbucks before trekking over. 

Part of my documentation of our day. 

 It's hard for me to pass a colorful leaf without picking it up to take a picture of it and use it as a bookmark.

We passed a church that had a wedding happening on the inside.
I only know this because those flowers caught my eye on the sides of the door and so, naturally, I went up the steps to take a picture of them.  Then I saw a woman in white at the alter.  I ran.
I didn't want a scrubby girl ruining a woman's wedding day for whatever reason.
The giant SUV limousine parked out front should have been my first clue to admire the flowers from a distance and just keep walking. 

 First metro bus ride!  You can tell its a bus by the blurry quality of the picture.

 "Oh! That face made my ear tingle!" -Rachel.

During our walk to the Eastern Market, we ran into Flounder Pounder Man.  It's worth watching the video.

 Waiting for the Gallaudet bus at Union Station.

Gorgeous sky while on the Gallaudet campus.
Here's a video somewhat recapping the day.

I get to talk to this guy quite often.
I had to post this picture because, 1. I just came across it for the first time since I took it and can't stop laughing because of reason 2. His head is shaped like a banana.

I got another letter from my dear friend, Carly, and actually was reduced to tears this time.
It was really cute sitting in my class before it started with tears in my eyes, I'm sure.  Not awkward for the other students at all...
I was so excited to open the letter that I didn't realize I opened it from the wrong end until about an hour later.
I love and miss you Carly Smith!

Speaking of linguistics and the students in that class, I have recently been nicknamed, "Oregonian."  I came to class on Tuesday last week, after having missed the previous Thursday class because I was at home, and a girl said to me, "What's up, Oregonian?"  It took me a second to understand what she was saying, but once I understood, I proudly wore that new nickname.

Side Note: This is for you WOUers.  They have an "Ole Jim," too, just spelled a little differently.

Yesterday, I had a Jesus adventure (I'm going to start calling them that now, cause without him, I probably wouldn't go on them.).  I traveled to Capitol Hill, having already briefly scoped it out on Saturday, and went to a cute corner Starbucks that I had spotted.  I spent a few hours studying for my Linguistics test (that I took today and feel like I did well on!) and people-watched.  It was the best.  Plus, the day was absolutely gorgeous!  It wasn't scorching hot like the past month.  I actually wore a zip up, flannel, and jean shorts and was very comfortable.

Check out that sky!  The coloring in this picture has not been altered whatsoever. Amazing, huh!?  

My bar table seating for the few hours I spent studying. 

 Precious pup who kept staring at me with those sad puppy eyes while I was trying to study!  You all know those eyes.  It was so mean.  I almost dropped my studying to go sit with him and give him some treats until his owner came.  He fooled me though- once his owner came back, that pup was the perkiest little thing! Those dang tricksters.  Good thing I didn't give in... or good thing his owner came just in the nick of time...

All in all, the past 2 weeks have been pretty great.  Me and a fellow Oregonian friend, Stephen Reiff, met up and got to go to dinner and church together on Monday night.  Those nights are so refreshing.  I am so fortunate to have found a church that I actually love.  I didn't think that would be possible when I was here.

Tuesday night was the first night of bible study with Rachel and Kait.  Prayers that God's will would be done through each of us girls would be greatly appreciated.  I've never really lead a bible study all on my own and I know that whatever work is done in each of us will be nothing of my own doing, but completely of the Lord.  Each of us are coming from completely different places.  I feel like if it were left up to me, the feelings that would evolve in me would be similar to the feelings I would get if I was putting a million-piece jigsaw puzzle together and only had a week to do it.  
That's the beauty of having an all-powerful God.  
Faith and obedience, I've learned, goes a long way with Him.

Something fun and new that boyfriend and I are doing is running together.  Sounds difficult to do when we're over 2,000 miles apart, right?  
Here's what we do.  On Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, he has class (or other miscellaneous duties) at 9, but I don't have class at all.  So I sleep in until about 8 am... or 10... and call boyfriend, which is 7 a.m. PST, and we go running at the same time.  It's genius!  It's amazing how much easier it is to run when you know someone else dear to you is running at the same time.  Also, I normally don't like sleeping in, but it has been surprisingly so great!  It could have to do with the time difference and the late nights I spend talking on the phone to people on the west coast...

Thanks for reading friends!
Again, I apologize for the lack of posts.
I'll be a little more faithful to my blog from here on out.

I love you all!

[Extra pictures I couldn't resist documenting!]

These were all from that field I mentioned in the video, except for the last picture.  That one is from Rachel's back stairwell at her apartment.

Yes, that's the Capitol... and the moon.  Beautiful, huh?

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  1. Max I think it helps that you take gorgeous pictures. I love reading your blog because it feels like I'm actually there with you and it's glorious. Miss you!