Friday, October 21, 2011

osu came to dc

Like I said before, mom and dad are here, 
and it's really great. 

I accidentally took this picture, but look at that lighting from the sun!

For most of the day today, I had to run around interviewing people for a linguistics project and finish a ceramics project in the art building.
This is one of the videos from today.
(I'm really having a lot of fun posting videos.  I'm hoping you guys are somewhat enjoying them.)
Dad and mom went to the Holocaust Museum and the Air and Space Museum while I did everything I needed to do on campus.

These are pictures of my ceramics projects.

How I'm going to get that big pot home, I have no idea.
But it will get there.

After the Gallaudet boys soccer game (they won, by the way- great game to watch), the three of us traveled to Dupont Circle via the Metro and had dinner at Lauriel's Plaza.  It was a busy night there, but still has been one of our favorite restaurants that we have tried so far in DC.

Here's one video of us three walking to the restaurant and here's another one.

It was a busy busy time when we decided to take the metro.

I mentioned OSU came to DC, didn't I?

This is a video of the insano escalator going from the underground metro to Dupont Circle.

[PS] I've decided my parents are lucky charms.  Everything just seems to go much more smoothly when they're around.  I don't mean smoothly like I'm not freaked out that I'm going to overdraw on my debit card because I bought a grande Starbucks  instead of a tall  because they're the ones actually buying my coffee, but more smoothly like, people are extremely friendly to us for no reason (which is very very rare here, let me tell you) or we arrive at the metro stops just in time for our metro train to pull up- aka no waiting... at all.  These things are unheard of here in DC, people.  And I'm not exaggerating.  
It makes me wish I could carry them in my pocket wherever I go.

This weekend is Homecoming Weekend.  It is the biggest weekend of the year at Gallaudet.  To start things off tomorrow, Mom, Dad and I are getting up bright and early to go on a walk to get coffee.  Then there is a big football game at 1 30.  After the game, us, Caleb's family and a couple other people are going out to eat together.  There should be about 12 of us altogether.  The Homecoming bash is tomorrow night, late tomorrow night, and after much debating, I've decided to go.  I bought my ticket tonight.  
Maybe I'm lame, but honestly, I don't really feel a draw to go to it-
but I fear I will regret it later if I don't go.
So, I am going to put on my big girl pants and go socialize!  Ah!
(Prayers needed.)

Moments from today:
Awkward: Someone sending me a message on youtube saying they have noticed that I am struggling to get subscribers on my youtube channel and then proceeding to give me tips on how to get more... 

Awesome: Making friends with this really awesome deaf girl named Giovanna who said she would help me with my signing (she was mainstreamed growing up and comes from a hearing family so she understands the whole I-have-no-idea-what-you-just-said face.).

Like I said, I have to get up really early tomorrow morning- and when I say really early, I mean around 8.  That's become really early for me, friends... I don't know what I've turned into...
Either way, I'm going to mosey on to bed and SLEEP.

Have a wonderful weekend!
So much love goes from me to you.

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