Friday, October 14, 2011


Thank goodness it's Friday.  
Can I get an 'amen'?

Today, I got an anonymous package in the mail.

It really made my day.  Even though I said in my post the other day about how I am learning God's grace, and with that, His love, I still needed that reminder today- even though the love and care was coming from this anonymous person.
So whoever sent that to me, if you're reading this, thank you so very much.  
Your little gift definitely served it's purpose!

God is so very good to me.  I don't deserve it or understand it the slightest bit.

Also, I bought this new blush and a nude lip stick.  Ever since I was younger, I always liked the look of slightly flushed skin, like someone had just sped walked somewhere, and nude or really really light pink lips, but I always thought it was natural.  On some people, it is and I sometimes wish I was blessed with that natural look.  But I recently learned that women often wear blush and nude lipstick... duh (it was mostly the nudey lipstick that surprised me).  I found this out by reading this lady's blog and then this lady's blog (both have impeccable taste in clothing and are very creative in their styles- pretty dang inspiring if you asked me.  You should check 'em out.).  I don't know how I hadn't thought of it before.  I've never liked it when my lips were a solid dark pink because it made me feel like it they were chapped (which is why I'm constantly putting on chapstick- because I don't want that to happen... and cause I'm slightly addicted to it.) or I just had a red cool-aid popsicle.  I always wanted lips that were nude!
Side note: Just for the record, I know I shouldn't concern myself with these things, cause they really don't matter when looking at the bigger picture in life, but hey- I am human, and, yes, also a girl.  

Here's the look I recently discovered I can have if I choose to when I'm getting ready.

(the picture is a little awkward, but it's the only one I had.)
It's so simple and I love it.  Especially cause it takes no time to do it and I don't feel like I have pounds of make up caked on my face.  The whole cosmetic department freaked me out for a long time because I thought you needed lots of make up to get the exact look you wanted... but so long cosmetic fears!  I have found a solution!

I have also been meaning to post a picture of the great mug my dad bought me my first week here in DC.

hot chocolate. mhmm.

Thanks dadio.  You're the greatest!

I uploaded a few videos that I don't really have much to say about them.  
Here's one of them. 

Here's another one.  That one shows the thunder and lightening storm that was going on last night pretty well, but this one I think does the thunder a little more justice. 

- - -

As you can see, this post is filled with awkward pictures of just myself... thanks for bearing with me.

I love you, friends, and happy weekend!

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