Monday, August 29, 2011

new things

I knew this to be the case during this season of life right now, but it's just now sinking in how many new things I'm going to be trying and doing that I never ever thought or wanted to try.  Sushi being one.  

I had sushi last night for the first time.  Rachel and Caleb got some friends together and we all went to go eat at some asian fusion place.  I didn't really know what asian fusion entailed, but I was thinking "Oh yeah, I'm good with rice."

  I told my parents we were going to asian fusion, and their response was, "Oh isn't that sushi?"  Uh oh.  I swore to myself that I would never put raw fish in my mouth.  I tried a California roll.  Thats crab.  I don't eat raw fish, let alone sea food in general.  Rachel told me, "Oh you can just take a little bite! You don't have to eat the whole thing."  I didn't want to be portrayed as a picky eater, so I tried it ... turns out you can't just take a little bite.  It's either none of it or all of it.  And she knew that before I ate it!  That trickster.  But it got me to eat the whole thing.  Here's the outcome. 

I actually liked it. 

I apologize to you friends at home who begged me to try sushi and told me I would love it and I stubbornly refused.  The texture was a little weird.  But if I can get around that minor detail (mom and dad, you know how hung up I get on texture), I'll have an inexpensive, gluten-free, filling meal!  Lord, I pray my taste buds will become friendly to slimy chewy things.  

Thankfully, they had a huge menu, and I was able to get one of my favorite non slimy and chewy meals.  Lettuce wraps and a diet coke.  

I only have one class on mondays that's an hour and a half at 4!  So looks like mondays will be my weekly counted on catch up on sleep/blog/homework and work out day.  yay!

Love you all so so much and am praying for you.

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