Friday, January 6, 2012

an engagement!

This whole blogging thing is a lot harder to stay on top of now that I'm home.
I wasn't really expecting that.
How these insano bloggers do this every day, sometimes multiple times a day, is beyond me
(and by "insano bloggers", I mean extremely amazing bloggers because I wish I could do that and am kinda jealous that it comes naturally for you guys. I'm hoping I can be like that one day.)

An awesome new thing that I just starting using on my phone is the iCal app. I don't know why I didn't use it before, but it has been so useful! I don't forget anything and I feel so much more organized.
Since I've been using my iCal app, I've been able to put in the million weddings that are about to happen this year. I think I literally put in 7 weddings, 7 weddings, into my phone in one sitting. That's crazy but so exciting!

The most recent engagement is one of my best friends/old roommate. I'm so excited for ms anna edmonds and her new fiance, kenneth! The day after they got engaged a handful of us went out to Venti's Cafe & Tap House in Salem to celebrate their engagement.
Anna and I have only known each other for about 4 years now, but she's been alongside me during some of the most significant times in my life. We've gone on countless runs that consist of great conversations and had so many late night talks about our future guys and she's now engaged to hers!
I'm so excited for you, my friend!
You're really going to be the most beautiful bride.

I remember in high school thinking it was so weird that all of my friends and I were going to college because college was so old and then I thought it was nuts when everyone started graduating and getting real jobs (although I'm not at that point yet...) and becoming real life adults. And NOW, everrryyoone is getting married! Next, it's going to be buying houses and having babies. And then going on camping trips with old college friends and their families (I'm so excited for that!).

I have a feeling this next season of life is going to be full of new things. Having no expectations is something I'm trying to work on. Expectations kinda suck a little.

Happy Friday, friends!

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