Wednesday, December 7, 2011

slim to no photos

And when I say slim to no photos, I actually mean no photos.

I apologize.  Pictures tend to draw peoples attention.  I hope I don't bore you with this post.
I'll keep it short, I promise.

I'll even do numbering so you know when it will end.

the not so greats:
1. Meeting some seriously awesome people 2 weeks before I leave.  This is a big deal, because for pretty much the first time, except for a few other times, I found myself bummed with my new friends when they found out I wasn't coming back after Christmas.
2. The fact that it's still somewhat warm in DC... and it's December.  I'm pulling for the, in all reality, undependable weather app that says it will be in the 40's for the rest of the week.  And for the chance of snow next week that the radio announced today.
3.  The weird concept that a week seems to lengthen it's time by about 10x when you're anticipating something great at the end of it.  And I have about 2 weeks of anticipation.

and the greats:
1. Being told I remind some people of Natalie Portman and Hermione Granger/Emma Watson (hermione and emma are, in fact, completely different.  Especially with Emma Watson's short hair- so perfect and beautiful.  You can bet your bottom dollar I'm going to do it like her one day.).
  Sorry I digressed- I'll continue now.
2. The men's bathroom line at the Caps hockey game going clear down the hall and the woman's line being non-existent... and you know, this. never. happens. people.  Apparently, there is a significantly higher level of testosterone than estrogen at hockey games.  
3. 9 days til I go home.
4. Purchasing an awesome ugly Christmas sweater that is much more awesome that ugly.
5. My dear friend, Jess, comes in t-4 days!
6. Nerts.  My new IPhone app addiction.  I've gotten nothing done since I downloaded it.
7.  My family doing legitimate Christmas lists this year, really for the first time.  We always made them, well... I did..., but I don't think they were ever really taken seriously.  We'll see if this year is different.
8. Rock climbing!  Minus my small, but powerful, fear of heights, rock climbing could be something I really start to pursue.  Only because it's an excellent upper body work out.  I've been looking for one of those for years!
9.  My 'greats' list far exceeds my 'not so greats' list.

I'm exhausted, my friends.
I'm riding on about 4 hours of sleep right now due to too much socializing in the computer lab last night...  It's more alright now though because I can sleep in because I am DUNZO with my most important presentation!  Yes.  Amen.  Praise Jesus.  Feels so good.

I love you all so very much.

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