Friday, December 9, 2011

it's crazy!

Things are starting to wrap up over here.
I mean reeeally starting to wrap up.
Like, my last class is tomorrow (minus a small final critique next wednesday for ceramics).  
And I have no finals next week. Woot woot!
I have this problem where things don't hit me until long after they've already happened.  Like it didn't hit me that sister or boyfriend were coming until I saw them, and it didn't hit me that I was coming to Washington DC until a week or so after my parents left to go back home, and like it hasn't hit me that Jess is coming in 1 day and that we're going to New York for 3 days on Sunday.  So I don't know if it will hit me that I'm going home in a week until I'm already at home.

Speaking of ceramics though, these are all my pieces I did this term except for 4 mugs that are waiting to be glazed and fired this weekend.

These 3 are my favorite ones so far (I'll have to wait to see how my mugs turn out after they are fired to fully decide).

Like I said, Jess comes in 1 day!  aaaand it's her birthday tomorrow.  I can't wait to give that Jess a hug!  (ever read Junie B. Jones?  Remember how she always called her friend, Grace, "that Grace"?  I just reminded myself of that). 

I got some new polish and a new hat yesterday.  They were both really inexpensive which is great.  And I haven't had my nails painted an exciting color or shade since I've been here.  I forgot all my nail polish.  What was I thinking?  Let me tell ya, I was really excited to get that polish.

This picture is just so Christmasy, is it not?!  I love it!
If you're confused about the colors because they don't match with the tubes, I'll explain- the dark polish is a separate color and I painted sparkles over it.  The red has sparkles but really isn't that sparkly, but I wanted it to be, so I painted sparkles over that too.

hello new hat!

And my box of laundry that I just finished, thank you very much.

I've got an early wake up call.  It looks like I'm going to be running low on sleep this weekend... go big or go home right?  Well actually, I get to go home either way, but I'm choosing to go big.  

I love you dear fellas.
be pointy. 


  1. yay for not having finals next week! and the pieces you made for ceramics are pretty, you're very talented!

    p.s. i love the nail polish, the shade i'm wearing right now has sparkles too. :)

    <3, Mimi
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  2. haha, be pointy. i like all those lovely ceramics pieces you made!! way to go! wish i had some creativity in me for such things, ah well. maybe some day. <3