Sunday, December 4, 2011

it's a comin' closer

As much as I absolutely love styles like this (and understand that these styles are everywhere on the east coast...)

I'm really really excited to wear things like this somewhat regularly and not stick out like a sore thumb.

I was having fun with photo booth.  don't judge.

And not that I can't wear those things now, it's just I feel pretty darn out of place when I do it on the regular.  As much as I don't like it sometimes, I really appreciate that Monmouth/Corvallis are places that tend to not carry trends.  I blend in a lot easier.
(Lets be real- most of these thoughts are probably mostly only in my head and I'm really the one that's making myself feel out of place with what I wear, but there is some truth to the comparison of trends here vs. in ho-dunk monmouth.)

On another note, I've been following blogs like this and this, where their residence is in DC as well.  I think this is really weird because, to me, they're kinda famous even though they're normal people just like me.  So when I read about them walking in Georgetown when I had just been there the night before, or going to a Smithsonian museum that I had gone to with my parents or boyfriend, or even eating at a restaurant that I have either eaten at or walk by frequently, I get a little weirded out- in a good way.  I hope to pass by one of them on the street and creepily know who they are just because I follow their blogs... I know, so creepy- you don't need to tell me.

The past week:

I went to the Washington Capitals hockey game with Ryan, Sam and Steph.

And went to see the National Christmas Tree with a group of people

I was a little disappointed at the tree size until I was reminded that the old and bigger tree blew down in a wind storm recently, so they had to plant a new baby one one.  Don't worry folks, this little guy is going to grow big just like the old one.

There were 50 little Christmas trees for each state winding around the big tree.

I went to an ugly Christmas sweater party with Stephanie Sam and Ryan and then proceeded to spend the weekend at their house.  Sam and I went rock climbing on Saturday morning, and let me tell ya, my upper body and core are hurtin'!

Sam and Ryan

Steph's entire goodwill get-up.

And then tonight I went to Zoo Lights with Stephen and Steph and a hand full of new friends.  I felt so uplifted after hanging out with them.  I love how God made us so relational.   

This week ahead of me is jam packed with things that I need to do before I leave (in 11 days. ah!)- much of it being socializing and a small fraction of it being academic related.  
What a great feeling.  
Although, I ask for prayers because the academic portion of my week that I have consists of presentations... in sign language.  aka the kind of academics that make me sweat and somewhat hyperventilate just thinking about- and then give me a harry potter headache.  (If you've read my old posts, you'll know what a harry potter headache is.)  I would really appreciate prayers from you all towards that.

I love you guys very much.
happy christmas season!

heck ya, it is.

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