Monday, November 7, 2011

the greats and not so greats

Hokay people, sister comes in 5 days.
5 days!
I can hardly contain myself.  I'm so excited!!!!
We've already got plans comin' out the whazoo.
And then boyfriend comes!
Man, so much greatness starting at the end of this week.

This past weekend was a great one, too.
I'll tell ya about it. 
 Saturday morning I woke up and got ready for my day.  I met up with Stephen Reiff, an Oregonian friend working in DC, and we walked to Georgetown from the metro stop and had pizza (no, it wasn't gluten-free- I paid for that one later) at this super awesome pizza place where they baked the pizzas in fire stoves with actual fire wood.  I don't know all the technical words for a stove that bakes like that... sorry.  It was really great though.
After that, we made some pumpkin bread (also not gluten-free...) at his apartment and watch home improvement.  I totally felt like I was at home.  I loved it!

There are the cutest little townhouses with the best windows and shutters everywhere in DC.
Particularly in Georgetown.

Georgetown waterfront.  That's the Potomac River.

On the boardwalk.

The Frontline Arlington Campus is in one of those buildings right there.

My favorite place in DC by far: the old canal.

Super fancy grocery store where rich Georgetowner's go to shop.

Rich people honey.

Rich people spices.  And my favorite rack in any grocery store.

Dean & Deluca and all it's glorious splendor.

Stephen's sidewalk in front of his apartment.

Sunday morning I went to church with some friends that I recently met on campus.  One of them is a hearing student who is getting her masters in interpreting (her name is Eleasha) and the other girls were undergraduate deaf students (Mariah, Laura and Jenn).  We met up with Eleasha's boyfriend at church who is also deaf.  The service was interpreted the whole way through and afterwards we got together an discussed the message with each other.  After church, I rode back with the girls and had dinner later on.  I was signing from the moment I had met up with them that day clear until that evening after dinner.  
It was such an answer to prayer.
God clearly lives in them and I felt so welcomed and accepted by them.  Let alone, I really loved being able to connect with girls who share the same beliefs as me.  I didn't realize how important that was to me and how necessary it can be.
God is good.

The not so greats
- Getting sick again with another head cold.
- Being so distracted and lost in conversation that I poured my water all over my pizza, thinking it was the parmesan cheese... poor Stephen had to be so embarrassed.
- Needing to practically glue my arms to my sides when walking in Dean & Deluca because I am so expertly skilled in knocking over numerous things at one time when picking up a product on a shelf, just because I'm curious what the ingredients are.  True business, that happened.  I need to warn people how clumsy I am before I hang out with them.
- This one's a confession: Needing to give up my Christmas music until further notice because I was going to that for comfort over Jesus.
- The procrastination that is taking place that will make me need to rush to get my 80 questions first aid homework done...

And the greats
- Meeting new sisters in Christ that I can connect with and actually want to get to know me.
- Not washing my hair for 3 days and having it still somewhat do what I want it to...
- Sister coming in 5 days!
- Boyfriend coming in 12 days!
- Learning how to daily surrender my silly human plans to God so his perfect and divine plans can take place in my life.  'Cause we all know, He's pretty pro at His job.
- The fact that my new sister, Laura, just came to sit with me because she's also my new friend. 

I'm gonna scoot friends! 
Have a great start to your week.
I love you all!


  1. Ken-z! I loved every word of your post!! (dang for you about the Christmas music--Maybe it is an Abraham and Isaac story-He just wants to know IF you will give it up for a bit....????)

    Watch your mail......:)


  2. Oh wow...wonderful blog! And those were really kind words you said about me and the girls. That really means a lot :) Like I said, I feel like we've known each other forever and we just met 2 days ago!